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Diabetics in Rural Maine Advised by World Class Specialist While at Work

Oct 30, 2012

GRAY, Maine (October 30, 2012) – Hardwood Products Company, LLC located in rural Guilford, Maine arranged a unique opportunity for diabetic employees and family members to be seen by a top Boston-based endocrinologist at Tufts Medical Center without leaving the state or even their place of work.


“Traveling to be seen by a specialist is a struggle for most employees, but taking time off from work to do so is an even bigger challenge,” noted Scott Wellman, CFO of Hardwood. “As a self-insured company, it was a great choice to partner with Patient Advocates to control our healthcare costs, and most of all, to help our employees manage chronic illnesses. In rural Maine, it is not often that diabetes patients would have the opportunity to be seen by a specialist of Dr. Richard Seigel’s caliber, and using Patient Advocates’ telemedicine program has given that opportunity to our people.”


During this unique program that brought wellness into the workplace, diabetic employees were able to interact with specialist, Dr. Richard Seigel, Co-Director of Tufts Medical Center’s Diabetes Center, through a secure internet portal while guided by one of Patient Advocates’ nurses in a private room at Hardwood.


Patient Advocates, LLC of Gray, Maine designed and is managing Hardwood’s self-insured health plan. With their strong relationships with centers of excellence and the conviction to provide access to the best medical care for their clients in a timely and effective manner, Patient Advocates has implemented a telemedicine program creating ease of access to specialty care in rural areas.


Scott Wellman of Hardwood states, “We are excited to have Patient Advocates guide the healthcare of some of our at-risk employees, and give them access to medical care that seemed out of reach before.”


“Diabetes is a manageable disease that if left unmanaged can become very perilous. Access to leading experts in this field can require time off from work and expensive travel that can be a barrier to some patients, especially in rural Maine. Our telemedicine program has bridged that barrier,” said Justin Ward of Patient Advocates “We believe that identifying at-risk patients and giving them access to high quality care in a timely fashion is the quickest road to good health and reducing healthcare expenses.”


Patient Advocates will return to Hardwood Products Company to assist more of the company’s at-risk employees and hopes to expand the program to address other key health areas.


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