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Enercon Technologies Offers Innovative New Health & Wellness Plan and Employees Sign Up in Record Numbers

Apr 26, 2012
Two local companies are teaming up to provide an innovative and affordable health care and wellness plan to employees- not just paying claims but rewarding good health with cash incentives.

Gray, Maine (April 26, 2012)— Enercon Technologies of Gray is all about healthy employees. The company’s new health plan features a robust wellness component that includes three health screenings per year. Best of all, employees are rewarded with cash incentives for participating and being healthy. Employee response at Enercon was overwhelming, with 97 percent of employees signing up for the program. All told, 115 employees and spouses attended the first screening, held on-site at Enercon’s facility.


The Maine Health Saver Program, offered through Patient Advocates, LLC (PA) is a unique self-insured medical plan available to smaller employers. Enercon especially embraced the wellness aspect of the plan to help their employees and spouses become healthy and stay healthy. Any health insurance plan pays health claims when people are sick. The Maine Health Saver Program does that and more. It also pays you when you are healthy.


“This is a terrific wellness incentive program,” said Jim Ward, President of Patient Advocates. “Employees and spouses in the health plan receive a cash incentive just for participating in a screening—and more if they meet a low body mass index, low blood pressure and cholesterol level, and if they are tobacco free. They can earn up to $150 at each screening—as much as $450 a year for an individual, or $900 if both husband and wife participate.” The average incentive check per employee from the initial screening was $113.


If screening results point to a medical need, the PA nurse conducting the screening will refer the employee (or spouse) for appropriate treatment. If a chronic condition is uncovered, such as diabetes, the employee is put into a disease management program. The PA nurse will follow up with the participant one week after the screening to answer any questions, and ensure that he or she is seeking an appropriate course of treatment.


Enercon is a family-oriented business concerned about employee health, but there is more than a little enlightened self-interest at play. Studies show that wellness initiatives, like those offered by the Maine Health Saver Program, reduce health care costs, increase productivity and employee morale, and decrease absenteeism.


Enercon employees appreciated the information provided to them at the first screenings, as well as the incentive checks they received. Many of the participants are motivated to increase the size of their checks at the next screening. “We’re all excited about this program,” said Marc Beaudoin, Enercon CFO. “I think it’s going to help everyone at our company get healthier and stay healthy. PA is a nice company to do business with. It’s a plus that they’re here in our same home town of Gray.”


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