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05/01/14 - New Lease on Life

12/04/12 - Patient Advocates Expands Mission by Growing Nurse Advocacy

11/09/12 - Guilford business brings telemedicine to the workplace

11/09/12 - Guilford firm pioneers 'telemedicine' in Maine

10/30/12 - Diabetics in Rural Maine Advised by World Class Specialist While at Work

08/20/12 - Patient Advocates Enters into Strategic Partnership with Ultra Benefits & Fallon Community Health Plan

05/14/12 - Maine company offers innovative wellness program to employees

04/26/12 - Enercon Technologies Offers Innovative New Health & Wellness Plan and Employees Sign Up in Record Numbers

03/26/12 - Patient Advocates and Mercy Hospital's First Saturday Colon Cancer Screening May Have Saved a Life

03/07/12 - Patient Advocates and Mercy Hospital Partner to Encourage Colon Cancer Screenings

01/09/12 - Patient Advocates, LLC Brings on New Communications Specialist

12/20/11 - New Service Helps Patients in Commercial Plans Navigate Health System Effectively

03/23/11 - Health and Wealth: Analysis reveals hospital perks, quirks and pay

09/22/10 - Advocates for the Ailing

08/10/10 - Maine Voices: Medical travel saves dollars, makes sense

08/10/10 - Maine Executive Returns from Costa Rica Fact-Finding Trip

04/27/10 - Maine company explores merits of "offshore medicine"

04/27/10 - Patient Advocates, LLC Hires New Wellness Program Manager

03/12/10 - Health and Wealth: Recession or not, some Maine hospitals haven't skimped on pay for their top people.

11/12/09 - Patient Advocates, LLC Brings on New Customer Service Manager

07/14/09 - Valve Repair First in New England Done With Robotic Device